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Geiger for Women
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Geiger Coat for Women Style 11290

Style 11290     $1067
Sale $530     Size 10
Long toggle coat with a hood with fur trim and an A line hem
100% new wool
Cedar green

Geiger Blazer for Women Style 63010

Style 63010     $536
Sale $199     Size 10
25 inch light weight double knit blazer with contrast collar and seams
100% new wool

Geiger Blazer Style 65110

Style 65110    $488
Sale $199     Size 6
24 inch light weight blazer with ribbed sleeves and back
100% new wool
Available in thyme

Link to Geiger Web SiteRuthie's Run has a unique collection of boiled wool jackets and coats from Geiger of Austria.   Nestled in the mountains of Austria, Geiger creates timeless jackets and coats from natural wool yarns that are boiled into a tightly knit, durable fabric without using harmful chemicals.  These light weight wools trap warmth without creating bulk.  This process allows Geiger to produce comfortable, stylish jackets and coats with a European flair.