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Icelandic ANya Cardigan Style 3816-BK

Anya     Style 3816-BK     $178
Sale $119     Size XS
21.5 inch full zip cropped textured puff jacquard cardigan with hidden zippered pockets
70% mohair/30% nylon

Icelandic Angelique Cardigan Style 3821-BK

Angelique     Style 3821-BK     $218
Sale $145     Size S
28 inch full zip baroque print cardigan with a stand up collar and hidden zippered pockets
100% ultrafine merino wool

Icelandic Tara Cardigan Style 3930-TL

Tara     Style 3930-TL     $218
Sale $145     Size S/M
21.5 inch hand knit newari cardigan with button closure and a stand up collar
100% newari wool

Icelandic Hadley Jacket Style 3869-BK

Hadley     Style 3869-BK     $278
Sale $208     Size M
26 inch fully lined jacket wtih button closure, a rounded mandarin collar and a functional back zipper
100% boiled wool

Icelandic CHloe Cardigan Style 3801-PR

Chloe     Style 3801-NT     $178
Sale $118     Size L
24 inch full zip fairisle print cardigan with hidden side zippered pockets
50% wool/50% acrylic

Icelandic Avery Sweater Style 3822-TL

Avery     Style 3822-BL     $218
Sale $109     Size S
24 inch zip neck baroque pattern pullover with hidden zippered pockets
100% merino wool
Aegean blue/white
Sizes XS - XL

Icelandic Designs Vienna Cardigan Style 3006-BL

Vienna     Style 3006-BL     $178
Sale $60     Size XL
24.5 inch full zip cardigan with hidden zippers
50% wool/50% acrylic

Icelandic Designs Lydia Vest Style 3469-BK

Lydia     Style 3469-BK     $198
Sale $99     Sizes S, M
24 inch boiled wool fully lined vest with hidden snap closure, hand crafted applique, and hidden side seam zippered pockets
100% boiled

Icelandic Georgette Cardigan Style 3877-CH

Georgette     Style 3877     $258
Sale $169     Size M
30 inch reversible open front cardigan with seam details
100% boiled wool

Icelandic Denali Cardigan Style 3814-BK

Denali     Style 3814-BK     $218
Sale $146     Size S
30 inch full zip nordic cardigan with a medallion on the back and hidden zippered pockets
40% polyester/20% wool/20% acrylic/20% nylon

Icelandic Designs Kiera Cardigan Style 3408-BK

Kiera     Style 3408     $198
Sale $129     Size S
30 inch waterfall front fairisle cardigan with patch pockets
50% wool/50% acrylic

Icelandic Designs Adrian Cardigan Style 3416-BZ

Adriana     Style 3416-BZ     $198
Sale $149     Size L
30 inch botanical print full zip cardigan with functional zippers at bottom gore panels
50% wool/50% acrylic

Icelandic Chloe Skirt STyle 3846-PR

Chloe     Style 3846-PR     $68
Sale $51     Size L/XL
15 inch fairisle print skirt with a drawstring waist
50% wool/50% acrylic

Designer Gerdur Kristjansdottir from Iceland now enjoys the mountains of Colorado. She learned the Icelandic tradition of knitting and design from her mother and aunts.  Her sweater designs strive to harmonize color, pattern, and style.  Icelandic Designs makes gorgeous cardigan and pullover sweaters from high quality wool, silk, cotton, and boiled wools.  Their longer jackets and coats have a "one of a kind", hand crafted look.  Inspired by the beauty and power of spectacular landscapes, Icelandic Designs women's pieces are decorative, feminine, and creative.