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Tribal Top Style 2403o

Long sleeve print top with a beaded trim split neck
Style 2403o     $79
100% polyester
as shown
Size M

Tribal Top Style 2502o

3/4 sleeve Aztec print top with a V neck
Style 2502o     $74
90% polyester/10% spandex As shown
Size XL

Tribal Tunic Style 2386o-freesia

3/4 sleeve double layer V neck tunic
Style 2386o     $69
95% rayon/5% spandex
in 2 colors
Sizes XS - XL

Tribal Tunic Style 2200o

Split neck tunic with roll tab sleeves and an assymetric double layer hem
Style 2200o     $74
90% polyester/10% spandex
Sizes S, M

Tribal blouse Style 5020o

Long sleeve stripe blouse with roll tab sleeves and lace shoulders
Style 5020o     $86
100% cotton
Sizes S, M, L

Tribal Tunic Style 2325o

3/4 sleeve mini stripe tunic with a white longer layer
Style 2325o     $69
87% polyester/13% linen
Sizes S, M, XL

Tribal Top Style 2295o

Aztec print V neck top with 3/4 dolman sleeves
Style 2295o     $48
96% polyester/4% spandex
as shown
Sizes XS, M

Tribal Top Style 2464o

3/4 sleeve stripe crewneck top
Style 2464o     $59
96% polyester/4% spandex
as shown
Sizes XS, L

Tribal Tee Shirt Style 2490o

Elbow sleeve Tee shirt with a crewneck
Style 2490o     $36
100% cotton
laguna turquoise
Sizes XS, S

Tribal Tee Shirt Style 2410o

Short sleeve burnout print Tee shirt
Style 2410o     $59
65% polyester/35% cotton
as shown
Sizes S, M

Tribal Tee shirt Style 2463o

Short sleeve stretch Tee Shirt
Style 2463o     $59
88% polyester/12% spandex
Sizes XS - L

Tribal Tee Shirt Style 5092o

Short sleeve slit neck Tee shirt with crochet shoulders
Style 5092o     $59
100% cotton
Size L

Tribal Top Style 5611o

Sleeveless print top with tassels
Style 5611o     $74
95% rayon/5% spandex
as shown
Size M

Tribal Tank Style 2322o

veless tank with a scoop neck
Style 2322o     $44
100% rayon
Size L

Tribal Shirt STyle 2324o

Sleeveless plaid shirt with a left chest pocket
Style 2324o     $59
100% cotton
as shown
Sizes S, M, L

Tribal Jean Jacket Style 5031o

Long sleeve bleached jean jacket
Style 5031o     $98
72% cotton/26% polyester/2% spandex
bleach wash
Size L

Tribal Blazer STyle 2375o

3/4 sleeve stretch blazer with a hidden snap closure
Style 2375o     $98
76% rayon/21% nylon/3% spandex
Size 4

Tribal Jacket Style 2456o

Long sleeve French terry zip jacket wtih orange strings
Style 2456o     $98
48% polyester/48% rayon/4% spandex
Size L

Tribal Jean Jacket Vest STyle 5075o

Sleeveless short jean jacket vest
Style 5075o     $86
60% cotton/37% polyester/3% spandex
Sizes S - L

Tribal Vest STyle 5027o

Long sleeveless check pointelle vest wtih fringe
Style 5027o     $124
100% cotton
of white
Sizes S - L

Tribal Vest STyle 2221o

Sleeveless long jersey knit vest with braided trim
Style 2221o     $72
100% rayon
Sizes S, M

Tribal Cardigan Style 2352o

3/4 sleeve open cardigan with navy striped trim
Style 2352o     $109
100% cotton
Sizes S - XL

Tribal Cardigan Style 2323o

3/4 sleeve long jersey knit open cardigan
Style 2323o     $69
100% rayon
Size M

Tribal Cardigan Style 2226o

Long sleeve open drape crochet cardigan
Style 2226o     $98
100% cotton
Sizes S, L

Tribal Sweater Style 2465o

3/4 sleeve mesh check sweater with a boat neck
Style 2465o     $98
60% cotton/40% viscose
Sizes S - L

Tribal Sweater STyle 2251o

3/4 sleeve diagonal tonal stripe sweater
Style 2251o    $72
60% cotton/40% viscose
Size M

Tribal Sweater STyle 5602o

3/4 sleeve chevron pointelle sweater with a scoop neck
Style 5602o     $106
100% acrylic
Sizes M, L

Tribal Top Style 1847o-cream

Long sleeve crew neck top with ribbed sleeves
Style 1847o-cream     $64
72% rayon/28% nylon
Sizes M, L, XL

Tribal Dress Style 594o

Sleeveless dip dye lace dress
Style 594o     $124
100% polyester
Sizes S, M, L

Tribal Dress Style 586o

Sleeveless medallion print mesh dress
Style 586o     $124
100% polyester
Sizes S, L

Tribal Dress Style 481o

36 inch sleeveless chemise dress with a mesh top
Style 481o     $108
77% polyester/18% viscose/5% spandex
Sizes M, L

Tribal Skirt Style 2367o

22 inch lace pull on skirt
Style 2367o     $81
100% polyester
Size L

Tribal Skort Style 2248o

Pull on skort with built in shorts
Style 2248o     $74
76% rayon/21% nylon/3% spandex
Sizes 8 - 14

Tribal Skirt Style 2458o

19 inch french terry pull on skirt
Syyle 2458o     $69
48% polyester/48% rayon/4% spandex
Sizes M, L

Tribal Jegging Style 50750o

5 pocket jegging
Style 50750o     $74
72% cotton/26% polyester/2% spandex
Sizes 4 - 14

Tribal Pant Style 9320o-white

Pull on ankle pant
Style 9320o     $69
76% rayon/21% nylon/3% spandex
in 3 colors
Sizes 2 - 16

Tribal Pull on Jegging Style 5076o

Pull on jegging
Style 50760o     $74
60% cotton/37% polyester/3% spandex
tundra olive
Sizes 4, 6, 8, 14

Tribal Pant Style 1528o

Pull on ankle pant
Style 1528o     $64
76% rayon/21% nylon/3% spandex
Sizes 4, 12, 14

Tribal Pant Style 2263o

Mini check pull on ankle pant
Style 2263o     $69
60% cotton/37% polyester/3% spandex
Sizes 4, 6, 8, 12

Tribal Capri Pant Style 2333o

Zip front solid capri pant
Style 2333o     $74
60% cotton/37% polyester/3% spandex
Sizes 4, 6, 8, 12

Tribal Capri Pant Style 2249o

Print pull on capri pant
Style 2249o     $69
60% cotton/37% polyester/3% spandex
laguna turquoise/white
Sizes 4, 12

Tribal SHorts Style 2332o

Pull on shorts
Style 2332o     $56
60% cotton/37% polyester/3% spandex
Sizes 6, 8

Tribal Denim Jacket Style 5512o

Long sleeve dark wash denim jacket
Style 5512o     $84
Sale $63     Size M
99% cotton/1% spandex
dark denim

Tribal Puffer Vest Style 1991o-Royal

Full zip quilt puffer vest
Style 1991o-royal     $84
Sale $56     Size L
100% polyester

Tribal Suede Jacket Style 5470o

Long sleeve faux suede open jacket with fringe
Style 5470o     $108
Sale $81     Size XL
90% polyester/10% spandex
coffee brown

Tribal Raincoat Style 1437o

Long sleeve raincoat with a drawstring waist and front pockets
Style 1437o     $128
Sale $74     Size S, M, XL
100% polyester
Aruba bright blue

Tribal Puffer Vest Style 1991o-black

Full zip quilt puffer vest
Style 1991o-black     $84
Sale $63     Size L
100% polyester

Tribal Vest Style 5390o

Long tape yarn vest with a belt and fringe
Style 5390o     $108
Sale $81     Sizes S, M, L
60% acrylic/40% nylon
tundra olive

Tribal Jacket Style 1311o

3/4 sleeve boyfriend style jacket with roll up contrasting cuffs and 1 button closure
Style 1094o     $149
Sale $99     Size 8
64% polyester/34% rayon/2% spandex

Tribal Jacket Style 5183o

Blazer with a jean jacket inset
Style 51830     $129
Sale $97     Sizes S, XL
100% cotton

Tribal Leather Jacket Style 50633o

Full zip leather jacket with crochet panels in the front and a chiffon panel in the back
Style 50633o     $548
Sale $274     Size S
100% leather

Tribal Top Style 5425o

Long sleeve print crepe pullover with a slit neck and decorative tassels
Style 5425o     $74
Sale $49     Sizes S, L
100% polyester

Tribal Plaid Shirt Style 1897o-dahlia

Long sleeve full button plaid shirt with roll tab sleeves and a chest pocket
Style 1897o-dahlia    $69
Sale $46     Size M
53% viscose/47% cotton

Tribal Shirt Style 1665o

Long sleeve full button tie dye plaid shirt with roll tab sleeves
Style 1665o     $74
Sale $49     Size L
100% rayon

Triba Top Style 2021o

Long sleeve light weight French terry top with a cowl neck
Style 2021o     $59
Sale $44     Size S
95% viscose/5% spandex
heather cream

Tribal Turtleneck Style 1915o

Long sleeve stripe turtleneck
Style 1915o     $64
Sale $48     Sizes M, L
72% rayon/28% nylon

Tribal Mock Turtleneck Style 1848o-dahlia

Long sleeve mock turtleneck with tonal stripes and ribbed collar and cuffs
Style 1848o-dahlia     $64
Sale $43     Size S
72% rayon/28% nylon

Tribal Shirt Style 5281o

3/4 sleeve boyfriend top with a back lace yoke
Style 5281o     $44
Sale $29     Sizes L, XL
100% rayon

Tribal Tee Shirt Style 1953o

Long sleeve crewneck jersey slub Tee shirt
Style 1953o     $42
Sale $28     Size M
(show with vest Style 1886o $89)
100% rayon

Tribal Top Style 1887o

Long sleeve stripe crew neck top with a chest pocket and print back
Style 1887o    $64
Sale $42     Size L
97% polyester/3% spandex

Tribal Top Style 2025o

Long sleeve dip dyed stripe top
Style 2025o     $64
Sale $42     Sizes S, L
100% cotton
navy/deep teal/white

Tribal Top Style 1847o-deep teal

Long sleeve crew neck top with ribbed sleeves
Style 1847o-deep teal    $64
Sale $42     Size L
72% rayon/28% nylon
deep teal

Tribal Top Style 1847o-scarlet

Long sleeve crew neck top with ribbed sleeves
Style 1847o-scarlet    $64
Sale $42     Size S
72% rayon/28% nylon

Tribal Sweater Style 5558o

Long sleeve mohair V neck sweater
Style 5558o     $84
Sale $63     Size S
73% acrylic/27% nylon
Size L

Tribal Jacket Style 1222o

Reversible snap closure jacket with contrast trim. Reverses from black/taupe to taupe/black
Style 1222o     $119
Sale $79     Size S
81% cotton/19% nylon

Tribal Top Style 1188o

Long sleeve print V neck top with stud details
Style 1188o     $64
Sale $32     Size S
100% polyester
tile blue

Tribal Turtleneck Style 1108o-black

Long sleeve textured rayon turtleneck
Style 1108o-Black     $64
Sale $42     Size M
72% rayon/28% nylon

Tribal Top Style 1107o-moss

Long sleeve textured funnel neck top
Style 1107o-Moss     $64
Sale $42     Size M
72% rayon/28% nylon

Tribal Reversible Cardigan STyle 50770o

Reversible full button cardigan with a mesh layer
Style 50770o     $99
Sale $50     Size L
92% nylon/8% spandex

Tribal Tee Shirt Style 10647o turquoise

Short sleeve scoop neck tee shirt
Style 10647o-Turquoise     $29
Sale $15     Size S
100% cotton

Tribal Top Style 9653O-55130

Cowl neck striped drape pullover
Style 9653o-55130      $98
Sale $30     Size XL
50% cotton/25% viscose/20% nylon/5% angora     orange

Tribal Dress Style 457o

36 inch sleeveless kaleidoscope chemise dress
Style 457o     $129
Sale $69     Size XS
100% viscose

Tribal Top Style 1551o

3/4 sleeve scoop neck pullover with chiffon hem and open back
Style 1551o     $59
Sale $39     Sizes M, XL
95% rayon/5% spandex
aqua wave

Tribal Sweater Style 1497o

3/4 sleeve cropped full button cardigan with a deep V neck and mesh sleeves
Style 1497o     $70
Sale $46     Size M
60% cotton/40% viscose

Tribal Slim Leg Pant Style 1172o

Slim leg dress pant
Style 1172o-black     $64
Sale $48     Sizes 6, 8
75% poyester/20% rayon/5% spandex

Tribal Pullon Print Pant Style 1998o

Pull on chevron print slim pant with a 31 inch inseam
Style 1998o     $64
Sale $48     Size 4
74% rayon/22% nylon/4% spandex

Tribal Pant Style 1529o

33 inch pull on bengaline pant with pockets
Style 1529o     $64
Sale $48     Sizes 4, 14
76% rayon/21% nylon/3% spandex

Tribal Knit Leggings Style 1872o

Knit twill leggings with zippers at the ankle
Style 1872o     $64
Sale $48     Size M
96% cotton/4% spandex
dark sable taupe

Tribal Reversible Skirt Style 1950o

34 inch reversible marbled skirt with seams. Reverses from olive to grey
Style 1950o     $69
Sale $46     Sizes M, L
65% viscose/35% polyester

Tribal Suede Leggings Style 1035o-espresso

Pull on suede leggings
Style 1035o-Espresso     $69
Sale $52     Size XL
87% polyester/13% spandex

Tribal Suede Leggings Style 1035o-black

Pull on suede leggings
Style 1035o-Black     $69
Sale $52     Size M
87% polyester/13% spandex

Tribal Corduroy Skirt Style 10274o

19 inch corduroy pencil skirt
Style 10274o     $64
Sale $19     Size 12
97% cotton/3 % spandex

Tribal ankle Pant Style 10684o

28 inch slim leg twill ankle pant
Style 10684o     $74
Sale $49     Sizes 4, 14
98% cotton/2% spandex
pale shadow grey

Tribal Ankle Jegging Style 10041o

28 inch stretch twill slim leg ankle jegging
Style 10041o     $69
Sale $52     Size 10
60% cotton/37% polyester/3% spandex

Tribal Capri Style 10499o

22 inch pull on bengaline stretch capri
Style 10499o     $54
Sale $41     Size 8
76% rayon/21% nylon/3% spandex

Tribal Stretch Capri Style 9928o in 2 colors

Stretch sateen capri with a back slit
Style 9928o     $59
Sale $25     Size 4
98% cotton/2% spandex

Tribal Paisley Crop Pant Style 9937o

Paisley printed skinny crop pant
Style 9937o     $69
Sale $25     Size 4
97% cotton/3% spandex

Strait leg corduroy
Style 9770o-583     $64
Sale $32     Size 12
98% cotton/2% spandex

Tribal Straight Leg Jean Style 50547O-1190

Straight leg twill jean
Style 50547o-1190      $79
Sale $25     Sizes 2, 6
98% cotton/2% spandex
sunset orange

Tribal Pant Style 9047O-5422

Brushed twill jean
Style 9047o-5422      $69
Sale $35      Size 12
97% cotton/3% spandex

Tribal Pant Style 8502O-5279

Slim leg roll cuff chino
Style 9502o-5279      $76
Sale $38      Size 2
98% cotton/2% spandex

Tribal Slim Leg Corduroy Style 10241o-moss

5 pocket slim leg corduroy
Style 10241o     $64
Sale $32     Size 10
97% cotton/3% spandex

Tribal Slim Leg Corduroy Style 10241o-wheat

5 pocket slim leg corduroy
Style 10241o     $64
Sale $32     Size 12
97% cotton/3% spandex

Tribal Capri Style 1566o

25 inch pull on capri with 3 eyelet details at the hem
Style 1566o     $64
Sale $48     Sizes 4, 8
76% rayon/21% nylon/3% spandex

Tribal Capri Pant Style 1653o

22 inch pull on capri pant
Style 1653o     $54
Sale $41     Sizes 10, 14
76% rayon/21% nylon/3% spandex

Tribal Short Style 1571o

5 inch patch pocket short with a drawstring tie
Style 1571o     $54
Sale $36     Size 6
98% cotton/2% spandex

Tribal dress pant Style 10677o

33 inch slim leg dress pant
Style 10677o     $64
Sale $48     Size 6
76% polyester/21% rayon/3% spandex

Link to Tribal WebsiteTribal, once known just for its great fitting pant, now has become SO much more! There is now a complete line of Tribal sportswear with fabulous womens tops, jackets, knits, sweaters, skirts, and dresses. A Montreal based company that has been in business for over 25 years, Tribal clothing always gives its customers great value, quality, and fashion. The Spring 2017 line reflects bold colors, unique patterns, and feminine silhouettes.