Neptune's Rings Stretch Bracelet in 3 Colors


  • $34.00

JF742E, JF742B, and JF742D

Symbolizing brotherhood, benevolence and goodwill, faceted ruby chalcedony beads in red hues, faceted jasper beads, or banded agate beads with natural inclusions in a variety of earthy hues encircle your wrist. On both sides, a tumble of mixed metal rings signals sleek sophistication and sparkle with Swarovski crystals.  It is 1/2" wide with a 2 1/4" diameter.
Finish: Silver plated/Light Rose Gold plated
Stones: Ruby Chalcedony Beads
Stones: Indian Jasper Beads
Stones: Banded Agate Beads
Neptune's Rings Collection

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